Final Piece working progress..

So I'm working on my final piece and I've decided to create little stamps using the photogram technique in the darkroom. I made these little objects to use as photograms and I'm hoping that these will turn out quite nicely.

This is what the outcomes were. I've printed several copies of these so I can experiment with different layouts and presentation ideas. 

stamps as photograms

I did a little work in the darkroom and I like how these turned out :)

British Postal Museum and Archive

My visit to this quaint museum and archive gave me a little more insight to the history of postage stamps. To the public, stamps are nothing more than a necessary object needed to deliver messages and information from one place to another, but to graphic designers and artists, it is much more than that.
Each stamp is designed carefully and well thought out. The designer considers the small space it has to work on, the shape and size of the stamp, and the design must be relevant and to date with the current government of the country.



Postage Stamps

Taking in the idea of the evolution of social networking, the designs of stamps came into the picture.
My tutor suggested to look into postage stamp design as a way to link in all these images I have collected.
So I did some research on the subject and found some interesting information about the textual elements and secret marks placed on stamps so that the designer of the stamp can leave their mark on it.

I also found out there is a postal museum, "British Postal Museum and Archive" so I definitely need to go and visit this place soon. :)

experimenting with layouts..

I like the timeline type idea with this layout.

These lines show how each of these products connect with each other.

collecting photographs

Collected some images to illustrate how the way we communicate has changed over the years..
Still working on some layout ideas and what process I'm going to put it through.
Perhaps bring in some colour to the modern objects to highlight the time changes..

Small turning point..

A slight change of direction with my FMP, I'm not exactly going to focus on facebook on its own as a social network or even just the Internet.
I remember talking about aged technology and I want to incorporate this aspect to get my message across.
Something like, the "evolution of social networks"...
Communication in:
Speech = talking in person - hand written letters - telephone - text message - emails - instant message - networking sites (facebook) - video calls (skype)
Entertainment = live theatre - black and white tv - coloured tv - projectors - cinemas - 3D movies
Music = live music - radio - vinyl records - cassette tapes - boom boxes - cd players - mp3 files - youtube