Social Networks: Class of 2011

My name is Grace and I am a student at the London College of Communication. 
I've decided to base my final major project on social networks today and I will document my journey on this blog. =)

As Social Networking websites have become increasingly popular in today’s society, many other forms of communication, such as personal hand-written letters are starting to become redundant. For this project, I want to investigate the impact and current trends of social networking websites such as Facebook and YouTube, and perhaps analyse just how long it will last and how long it will take until they are also no longer necessary. With growing advances in technology, staying updated and keeping in contact with your friends and family has never been easier. My aim is to communicate this very subject and inform the spectator about the speed in which the social media is growing. It won’t be long until another website launches and overshadows existing trends; Facebook may be the most popular social networking site out there now, but tomorrow is another day. 

Follow me on my everyday journey as I explore these trends =)

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